Missouri Apprenticeship


As a state-licensed tattoo studio, we offer microblading artists or those enrolled in our Academy Ink programs the opportunity to earn their practitioner's operating license through our apprenticeship program. 

We oversee your required 300 hours for the state practitioner's license for your tattooing license in Missouri.  


  • Includes ongoing support, mentoring, overseeing, and assistance to obtain 300 hours (50+ procedures)of practical experience required by the State of Missouri Tattoo Regulations.  

  • Monthly log signatures- Certification of Apprenticeship

  • Initial and final filing-Registration of Supervisory Relationship

  • Assistance in filing- Application for Practitioner License

  • Room set up assistance

  • Overview of your county health department requirements.

  • Full payment of the course is due in full on the date of signing

  • $1250 

  • State fees and county health department filings are the responsibility of the apprentice.

  • Osha Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR, and first aid testing are required for your file and filing with the state. (Linked ARC TESTING)