Behold  the brow


A thorough consultation is conducted to assess your personal preferences along with careful consideration of your bone structure, skin tone, hair color  &  overall balance and symmetry. 


Topical anesthetics are used before, to pre-numb, and during all procedures to assure your utmost comfort. 

Both manual microblading, as well as the traditional machine method of cosmetic tattooing, is available to produce a variety of eyebrow styles. As a professionally trained, licensed, and insured- permanent cosmetic artist, a variety of cosmetic procedures are available to you. 


  • 2.5-3 Hours

  • Consultation & Follow up Care/Instructions

  • Brow mapping

  • Color matching

  • Trimming/tweezing

  • Topical numbing (prior to and during treatment)

  • Procedure

  • Complimentary touch-up scheduled within 6-8 weeks

Brow styles 

Microblading - A handheld tool is utilized to implant fine, crisp hair-like strokes to simulate natural brow hair. A yearly or bi-yearly appointment is required to keep strokes crisp. 


Blade & Shade -Handheld or machine methods used to define brows with hair-like strokes with a full background that allows the hair strokes to be visible or a customized peppering

of the background color can be applied to define the brow at the tail and bottom outline. 


Ombre - Handheld or machine method of tattoo that focuses on hair strokes at the bulb only with a solidly defined makeup background from the midline to the tail.

Ombre can also have a light powdering effect of color at the bulb with full-color saturation from the midline to the tail similar to a softly shaded powder brow. 


Powder Brows can be achieved with either a hand tool or a machine. The entire brow effect looks closest to makeup applied solidly from the bulb to the tail. Powder brows can appear dramatic at first and will soften as they heal. 


Nano Brows are created utilizing the machine method with the smallest nano-needle. Hairstrokes are created to simulate hair while recreating a full,  defined eyebrow.