Lips, Liner & More...

More than Microblading- We offer a full range of cosmetic ink services! 


Color match your go-to color and never feel undone again! We offer lip blushing; a subtle pop of color or full color & never wear lipstick again! 

Areola / Nipple 

Nipple/areola repigmentation. 

Scar Revision

Re-pigmenting of skin issues from scarring or hypo-pigmentation. 


Liner is completely customizable! 

Both Upper or Lower Liner can be softly shaded or bold. 

Winged - Bold, dramatic or suttle 

Lash Enhancement- Shading between the lash line to enhance your lashes & make your eyes pop! 

Freckling & 

Beauty marks

Add natural sun-kissed freckles that won't wipe off or a simple beauty mark.  

Saline Removals

Remove badly microbladed, old, faded, or migrated tattoos.  May require up to 3-4 sessions. 

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