Wink Academy 


Master the art of eyelash extensions with our comprehensive training available in Maplewood Missouri. Receive real-time, in-depth feedback from our expert trainer. Our small class sizes ensure you receive plenty of one-on-one attention.


The help doesn't stop there! With the continued submission of your models for certification, we will check your progress, tweak your application process, and answer any questions you have. Upon successfully completing five lash models you're on your way to a successful lash career.   Take a peek at what we'll be covering:


Focus on Fundamentals

  • Introduction to eyelash extensions & their history

  • Natural eyelash growth and anatomy

  • The eyelash extension application process

  • Client consultations

  • Styling concerns - selecting the appropriate extensions for optimal lash safety, retention and appearance enhancement

  • Tape back procedure

  • Factors that affect retention

  • Caring for extensions

  • Allergies vs. Toxicity & Adverse reactions

  • Hands-on practice: application foundations (+ demonstration)

  • Client & workstation preparation

  • Proper isolation

  • Proper adhesive use

  • Proper extension application and lash mapping

  • Advanced application techniques (corrective lashing, handling tricky situations)

  • Process for conducting fill appointments

  • Process for removing extensions

  • Hands-on practice: Evaluation & feedback

  • Building your business & additional training,



All trainees receive a kit with enough materials for more than 25 applications (a $300 value)  All kits include everything you need to get started, from a selection of extensions, eye pads, tweezers, in a cute complimentary makeup bag.



Upon successfully completing your course, and your submission of at least 5 models, you will receive a certificate indicating that you were trained in classic eyelash extensions.


Classic training - learn the art and theory of classic lash application. 

Volume -Take your classic skills to the next level. Learn the art of building 2-10 D volume bouquets by hand. 

Lash Coaching Session

Did you train elsewhere and feel you didn't get the attention you deserved, struggling, and just need help? 

We have a program for you! Our lash coaching session gives you a one on one session for two hours. We will observe your skills and tweak necessary changes to elevate your lash game! Our coaching session does not provide a model or any lash supplies. 




Training Day! Welcoming Lexie & Shelby t